Hourly Billing vs Value-Based Pricing

kyle-prinsloo  by Kyle Prinsloo

Understanding how to price your services can drastically change your financial siutation. Read this article to find out how to charge more without working harder...


General Assembly Web Development Immersive Review

kyle-prinsloo  by Kyle Prinsloo

A detailed review of General Assembly's Web Development Immersive course discussing the pros and cons to help you figure out if you'd like to sign up or not...


Q & A With Quincy Larson

quincy-larson  by Quincy Larson

These 8 questions that Quincy answers will help you on your web development journey. Gain more knowledge from someone who has helped 1,000,000+ developers...


How To Get Website Visitors To Stay On A Website Longer

kyle-prinsloo  by Kyle Prinsloo

Wondering how to get visitors to stay on a website longer? If you are concerned about engagement, conversions and improvements, this article is for you...


Find What Works For You And Go!

holy-pierre  by Holy Pierre

Find out what works for you and go for it! In this article, Holy delves into the challenges that developers are likely to face and the motivation to overcome them...


Thinkful Bootcamp Review: The Ultimate Breakdown

kyle-prinsloo  by Kyle Prinsloo

Thinkful Bootcamp Review in 2018. This in-depth review provides a detailed breakdown for those interested in one of the top online coding bootcamps...


Resistance, Habit Change And The 100DaysofCode Movement

alex-kallaway by Alex Kallaway

Get to know more about the 100DaysofCode Movement by Alexander Kallaway. Find out why he started it and how to get involved in this popular initiative...


How To Charge For A Website In 2018 (And Beyond)

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

A detailed article on how web developers should price their websites and services to get more freelancing clients. This article can change your life...


Best Programming Languages To Learn 2018

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

A breakdown of the most popular programming languages you should learn in 2018 and where to study them. Written for all levels...


17 Things Web Developers Can Do That Nobody Else Can

ken-mazaika by Ken Mazaika

Web developers are unique. Here are 17 things that explain the difference between them and normal people by Ken Mazaika from Firehose Project...


How To Pick A Programming Language

william-kennedy by William Kennedy

5 important things to consider when choosing a programming language as a beginner. This article simplifies the process to help you start learning today...


8 Platforms Web Developers Can Sell Their Services On

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

8 Top Platforms to sell your services on as a web developer and freelancer. Ideal for existing developers. Start selling your services today...


What I Learned From Interviewing Over 200 Developers

dave-rael by Dave Rael

Dave Rael, from Developer on Fire shares his incredible advice and wisdom from interviewing over 200 developers...


Interview Tips For Web Developers

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

Job interviews…
Some hate it and the others lie about not hating it :) Regardless of how we feel about it we all have to go through interviews every now and then. Here are some of the most important tips to ace your web developer interview...


Programming Languages Explained For Beginners

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

There’s a lot of noise on the internet which makes things difficult to understand for the average beginner out there. When it comes to programming languages, it’s quite a challenge to understand it simply. So here is a solution...


How To Spend Your Money As A Freelancer

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

One of the greatest myths (and lies) of society is this:
The more you earn, the richer you will be. My answer?
NONSENSE! It honestly doesn't matter how much you earn.
You might be earning a six-figure income and still be broke...


Firehose Project Review

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

If you haven’t heard of them already, Firehose Project is an online education platform that teaches you how to become a software engineer (web developer) through a highly intensive, real-word curriculum. It’s a hardcore online bootcamp...


SEO For Web Developers: Why You Should Learn It

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

Web Developers often overlook SEO and the importance of it. It's simple: If you are not optimising your websites for SEO you are not doing your job properly. This article covers practical steps and ways to make money from SEO as a web developer...


Essential Skills For Freelance Web Developers

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

Freelancing is like trying to make a fried egg. Sometimes it comes out perfect, while other times it comes out more like a scrambled egg. This article will cover some essential skills for freelance developers to help you make the PERFECT...


6 Things To Consider For Aspiring Web Developers

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

Becoming a web developer can be as challenging as working out every day. It’s important to know what it will take to succeed as a web developer. Here are 6 essential things to consider for aspiring web developers...


Web Development 101: Understanding The Basics

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

Perfect for beginners. This article covers everything you need to know about how web development works, how to upload a website to the internet, basic fundamentals, the web development environment and more...


Top 12 PHP Frameworks & Where To Study Them

kyle-prinsloo by Kyle Prinsloo

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular coding languages in the world. Some of the most popular websites on the web are based on PHP – sites like Facebook, Google and Apple. PHP is a server scripting language and is a powerful tool for...



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