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I'm Kyle Prinsloo, I'm the author of Web Development & Beyond.

Although this book is free, it's not something that will waste your time like most free things out there.

This book is over 60 pages long and it's packed with actionable tips you can take to improve your career and freelancing business.

What's Inside The Book?


ACTIONABLE STEPS to become a web developer and freelancer


TIPS & SKILLS you can utilize in working for others or on your own business


HOW TO market yourself and grow your online presence and brand


HOW TO work smarter and be more effective as a web developer or freelancer


ADVICE on how to be an asset to your employer and clients

"Web Development & Beyond highlights a lot of the issues that developers face and offers solutions along with tools that can improve productivity and profitablity. It's a must read for all developers."

Toby, Web Developer

"Kyle's passion for helping others is really striking. His book has great information for all levels of web development. It answered many of my questions and pointed me down a path that I feel will serve me well."

Charles W Brown, Aspiring Web Developer


Kyle covers the real struggles a developer faces and gives simplified and practical solutions without the fluff. He has successfully answered some vital questions for all the levels that are often neglected. Simple language yet so inspiring. I really recommend this website and his eBook for everyone interested in web development.

Irvan, CEO - Codelonger


'Web Development & Beyond' provides you with great resources, actionable tips on where to get started, how to freelance, how to ace a technical interview and more. It's a developer's golden book for all levels!

Holy, Founder of CodeGirlCode


'Web Development & Beyond' is an excellent eBook and I strongly believe that no matter your experience, it's a must-read for anyone interested in web development! It's well written and straight to the point, giving you some great advice about what it takes to become a developer.

Adam Dooley, Web Developer